Aaron Martin


This family farm sells homemade bread and vegetables, specializing in potatoes and beans. Aaron is also the agent for Allen Martin who makes environmentally friendly clothes dryers.

No Sunday Sales, Please


Contact via the Market Manager:

Telephone: 705-541-1886

Email:         jtfarmersmarket@gmail.com

Berry Blessing Fruit Farm - Monique Johns


Salsa, fruit, candles, herbs, jams, fruit syrup, baking, air fresheners, jellies, soap & salves, flowers, crafts.


Address:    141 Walker Rd, Thessalon, ON P0R 1L0

Telephone: 705-260-0315

Email:         jmjohns@me.com

Website:     n/a

Facebook:  n/a

Cheryl's Cafe


Cheryl is a local chef who serves awesome treats and meals. She offers daily specials using local vegetables and local meats along with regular menu items. Customers especially love her fish and chip dinners made with Agawa Fisheries whitefish. Take out orders are also available Tuesday to Friday from 10 to 2.


Address:    1 Cameron Avenue, Desbarats, ON P0R 1E0

Telephone: 705-541-1886

Email:         jtfarmersmarket@gmail.com

Website:     johnsonfarmersmarketdesbarats.ca

Facebook:  Johnson-Farmers-Market-Desbarats

CollinsWorth Family Farm


We carry fresh produce,canning,cherry bags, handicrafts

Address:    42 Duff Rd. Bruce Mines, ON P0R 1C0

Telephone: 705-842-9317 or


Email:         pc.collins@hotmail.com

Website:     n/a

Facebook:  n/a

Isaak Doerksen Family


This family run farm believes in selling fresh produce directly to the consumer as fresh is not only healthier but tastes better and is more environmentally friendly. Plan on visiting their table to see the variety available. The family’s specialties are cucumbers, zucchini and melons but they have many other vegetables available too such as hothouse tomatoes, broccoli and cauliflower.  

No Sunday Sales, Please.

Contact via the Market Manager:

Telephone: 705-541-1886

Email:         jtfarmersmarket@gmail.com

Joseph and Mary Sherk


My wife and I are a young family just getting started on our own. We are specializing in bedding plants, herbs and vegetables.

During May & June, we sell from our farmgate, the Farmers’ Market or through the Desbarats Produce Centre. Although we really enjoy selling directly to people during the busy harvest time my father Enos Sherk sells many of our vegetables as an extension of his table at the market.

We grow items such as herbs, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, eggplants, parsnips, turnips, pumpkins, etc. It is great having a large extended family who can help us get established.

No Sundays, Please.

Lynne's Home-Made Baking


Lynne, known as “The Pie Lady” has been with the market since its inception in 2007. She specializes in a variety of fruit and cream pies and tarts but be sure to come and see what other delicious items she has available. If you are interested, she will take pie orders to be available the following Saturday, but these need to be picked up by 11:30 as is the market policy.


Market Store


This little store is “rounding out the market experience”. Debit or credit sales for all the market is available here for those vendors who do not have their own capability.

The store serves as a distributor for Thornloe Cheese, a renown cheese factory in Northern Ontario, offering 1 to 4-year-old cheddars, flavoured and unflavoured curds and specialty cheeses.


The market store also serves as agents for the following:

  1. Enos Sherk, who sells local grass raised, grain finished beef which is antibiotic free with no added hormones.

  2. Eli Sherk, an artisanal licensed chicken producer who is inspected annually by a third-party auditor and is therefore able to sell chickens to the public. The birds are free run and fed with non-GMO feed, no added hormones and antibiotic free.

  3. Agawa Fisheries specializing in white fish from the cold, clear waters of Lake Superior. There is also smoked fish and pepperettes available. Planning a fish fry? Order by Tuesday (705-541-1886) so as not to be disappointed.

  4. Local farm fresh graded eggs available. They sell fast.

  5. Seasonally, the market store works with Desbarats Country Produce to bring in Niagara fruits direct from the orchard.


Address:    1 Cameron Avenue, Desbarats, ON P0R 1E0

Telephone: 705-541-1886

Email:         jtfarmersmarket@gmail.com

Website:     johnsonfarmersmarketdesbarats.ca

Facebook:  Johnson-Farmers-Market-Desbarats

Masters Fibre Mill.jpg

Masters Fibre Mill & Alpaca Farm


We are a fibre processing mill and small alpaca farm located on scenic St. Joseph Island.  The mill converts raw fleece from sheep and alpaca into batts, rovings and yarn for ourselves as well as farmers from across Canada.  Our herd consists of award winning breeding stock and fibre animals.

We carry a wide selection of alpaca products, many hand knit and hand woven.  The yarns we sell we have produced in our mill and the alpaca yarns are all from fleece from our herd.  We also carry Cabin Soapworks Goat’s Milk Soap in 9 different scents.


Address:    573 Humes Rd, Richards Landing, ON P0R 1J0

Telephone: 705-257-1252

Email:         Lorna@mastersfibremill.ca

Website:     mastersfibremill.ca

Facebook:  MastersFibreMill


Meadowview Alpaca Farm & Fibre Studio


At Meadowview Alpaca Farm, we focus on developing a quality breeding program for alpacas, marketing these animals as the alternative livestock of northern Ontario and developing the fibre processing and related value-added products with talented local artisans.

This luxurious hypo-allergenic fibre is second only to cashmere. Several times warmer than sheep’s wool, it is ideally suited to our cold winter climate. It is used to make unique and very soft, comfortable clothing. Imagine high-end garments in 22 natural colours, soft and warm, caressing your body. Functional, yet fashionable, these garments make you feel very special.

People raising alpacas have a variety of options when it comes to their fleece. Several custom mills in Canada welcome this fine fibre and process it into a variety of products, such as yarn, socks, blankets and more. The alpaca farmer then has the option of further transforming fine yarns into mitts, hats, shawls, slippers, duvets, and more.


Address:    908 Carter Side Rd. Bruce Mines, ON P0R 1C0

Telephone: 705-785-3389

Email:         info@meadowviewalpacafarm.com

Website:     meadowviewalpacafarm.com

Facebook:  meadowview.alpacafarm

Paul B. Martin Family


With only 2 girls and 2 boys left at home to assist, Paul and Sarah Martin run a certified organic farm of vegetables, maple syrup and blueberries. Being certified annually by a third-party organization, they also run an organic CSA programme in the summer.

As well they sell stone-ground whole wheat and spelt flours, honey, lip balms, home-made soaps, and more and are agents for the sale of wooden handles for shovels, axes, hammers, etc.

As a sideline, they operate a fully equipped machine shop and stock belts, pulleys and bearings to complement a machine shop. There are weathervanes, hooks and other blacksmithing needs available.

Customers will find our products at the farm gate or Desbarats Country Produce store.

No Sunday Sales, Please.

Address:    712 Desbarats Lake Rd. Desbarats, ON.

Contact via the Market Manager:

Telephone: 705-541-1886

Email:         jtfarmersmarket@gmail.com


Rose Valley Maple Syrup


Trees growing in the granite-based soil of the Canadian Shield yield the sap for the delicious tasting maple syrup produced by Rose Valley Maple Syrup in Laird Township. Norman and Judy Hughes, with help from friends and family work hard each spring to produce several grades of maple syrup for your pleasure. You can get the syrup in various sized containers along with candy, sugar and butter, all made from pure Ontario maple syrup. As well, there are other maple products and items available so you had better like maple syrup if you plan on stopping by this table.

All year round our products are available at the farm gate, ABC Computers, Homespun Treasures, Scale Meats or Fannie’s on the Island.


Address:    3 Rydall Mill Rd., Laird, ON.

Telephone: 705-248-3038 or


Email:         juno.hughes@gmail.com

Website:     n/a

Facebook:  RoseValleyMapleSyrup

Samuel Hoover


Our family raises black angus beef and grows a variety of vegetables (carrots, sweet corn, lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes). We also own and operate the Barber Road Egg Grading Station, a federally inspected grading.


Fresh from the farm, free run eggs.


No Sundays, Please.


Market Manager:

Edith Orr
Phone: 705-541-1886
Email: jtfarmersmarket@gmail.com

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